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It's all about Clarence and nothing about anyone else. Well he is now in that part. YEARS IN BUSINESS (606) 573-5331. 54. Thanks in advance for any legitimate information that anyone provides here. I ain't like you! Spread the word that you have heard, dear inquiring mind! They say she had warrants in Whitley County last year. Results - Last Updated 11/04/20, Harlan Because the guy from the shark tank his last name is Hindi so he's Hindu of Asia he probably believes in Karma therefore he's Asian and now if the Hindi guy has contracted the Avian Bird Flu he can not return to Kentucky or go to other cities without a clean bill of health from C.D.C in Tennessee Jokes and pranks, not necessarily related to Harlan County ;). Glad I did. My first Hole has been a solid success here in McDowell. Barbourville Topix/Craigslist replacement Re: Brent ledford KARMA I'm only scared of Chinese balloons, I'm having nightmares about it beaming me up & planting their filthy seeds in my rectum & growing sushi out myas, Barbourville Topix/Craigslist replacement Re: Brent ledford KARMA I'm still scared you FU#KING don't understand I watched season six here on the east side when aired later I bought SEASON 6 on ebay I didnt know they have different DVDs for different sides of the country so I bought the season released for the west district Creating an obituary on Echovita is free. Who isn't in Harlan? Congratulations, Guys! Paintsville Topix/Craigslist replacement This page is completely deadQuills lost, Barbourville Topix/Craigslist replacement Re: Brent ledford KARMA I know all about that shi# already that's why I don't want to ever think like them normal christian idiots.That's what I have been trying to say it's Egyptian stuff that has the lotus Lilly satellites not ENKI like the Egyptians. I ain't looking to get robbed. I went to work at a morgate company. Two weeks later he sent them in a company vehicle together to Owensboro to take pesticide class. Taylor was charged with attempted . they never think about the lasting damage they cause for others. Go To Reviews , Art Galleries, Dealers & Consultants (502) 222-3822 104 E Main St La Grange 40031 Does she tease any tits that are younger than her for having bigger tits than her? Morganfield Topix/Craigslist replacement Re: Next Union County SheriffHow big are your TiTs? HARLAN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) -. Households with a computer, percent, 2017-2021. Coach: Kyle B. Jones. Just give it a try! Even share Corbin court paperwork with Cumberland Gap Parkway said where whatever crime or Accident happened Burkesville Topix/Craigslist replacement Re: Quarantine in BvilleTrump? Grayson Topix/Craigslist replacement Re: Sleaziest man in GraysonBob Miller, Mike fox, David Flatt, judge wilhoit and judge geevdon let lie to family member. Discussion Forum Board of Harlan County Harlan County Kentucky, US. you lie to much, Hopkinsville Topix/Craigslist replacement Rhonda D Shepherd That old ugly a$$ woman is trash no good she needs to be put in her place. To filter results, select a Harlan, KY high school using the links to the right. Gas Stations (606) 573-5499 9600 S Us Highway 421 Cawood 40815. Owensboro Topix/Craigslist replacement Re: Ol RedChad has a 19 year old retarded child living with him. They are letting people put guns to their head and call them liar to them away. People are ending up in the hospital my cousins dirty black glass he's telling on me I wasn't allowed to say nothing I was told by Bob Miller could save whatever you wanted about me because he wondered when my name my character and my background so I couldn't get a better life people needs to call Bob Miller will will judge Rupert will hold the county attorney David Becky Phillips and say this shouldn't be allowed people blind not to take the blood and the people knocked out of a better life because you want to make a folder for Eastern State that's why he let him know I stood up in the Carter county court and I told judge given exactly how he acted I was told it was no legal advice I was treated like a complete dog in the Carter county Court they need to ask Mr wilhoit would you like a loaded gun pointed to your head and told to either plead guilty to line or go to an institution so your pets don't take the blunt what I found that but yeah. Clarence is a product of the system. Richmond Topix/Craigslist replacement Re: Hang outDo you mean like as friends or are you looking for a date? In most cases you just open the camera on your phone or tablet, point it to the Code and confirm opening the page. Whitesburg Topix/Craigslist replacement Re: Brandy the hoe Idk guys everyone i talk to doesnt think its his baby because it looks nothing like either of them and that just isnt how it works lmao but then again everyone talks about how ugly the poor little baby is so it just might be theirs together haha, Barbourville Topix/Craigslist replacement Re: Umm, did this Sharp guy go to knox central in the 90's? Not impressive, Maysville Topix/Craigslist replacement Rising singer/influencers father in an affair This rising singer/social media influencer who went viral on tiktok for her hit song dad is having an affair with we'll known woman from maysville. January 5, 2023 (66 years old) View obituary. Real Love is Hard to Find but dagdabbit These Two Love Birds sure have Found It! Mortons Gap Topix/Craigslist replacement Re: Monyca TorresHow big are her tits? Lexington-Fayette Topix/Craigslist replacement Re: ATTENTION Kentucky law enforcement committee ATTENTION It's probably just another scamming, thieving, scab-picking, meth-smoking criminal crying about the law because he or she spends at least half of their sad, miserable life in jail. Really? Virtual Machine | Morganfield Topix/Craigslist replacement Re: Next Union County SheriffSize 42. The music acted as a narator, and we followed along . Well, yeah, that's true for sure. Anything that doesn't match other forums. She says she is and we.. . These children will wear you down and cause extreme unhappiness and eventually arguments and fighting in the home. Please explain how do you know them because child molesting really? Yep they pray to The lotus Lilly every time a tidal wave happens in Asia they think the lizard people's ship has landed in the Pacific, Barbourville Topix/Craigslist replacement Re: How much does a Pet friendly Taxi or a Pet friendly Uber cost to go maybe about 40 milesNothing you can do now except call some one with a pick-up truck & Enter your dog into a dog fight. Hardinsburg Topix/Craigslist replacement Re: Police officers in hardinsburg kyHow many of them are soliciting prostitution? And still a rat for the cops. botnet. I'm a pot grower, I can investigate spider mites, aphids, gnats, bad ph, I work for a Marijauna factory with 300 employees. Go To Reviews , Coffee Shops, Restaurants (606) 573-4010 5551 S Us Highway 119 Wallins Creek 40873 I'm a doctor. because they have videos of who is ISIS but YouTube tracks who ever watched it and the seize their stuff.. Owensboro Topix/Craigslist replacement Re: Ol RedNope he's still unlocking the laundrymat ever morning at 6. Lewisburg Topix/Craigslist replacement Re: Lynsey FatFullerWho is her man? Prestonsburg Topix/Craigslist replacement Re: Clarence Brown Clarence Brown is on a dating site and I always do background checks on people I chat with online. South Wallins KY Community Forum. Sad. New Cases Per Day. CLOSED NOW. Telling lies about my best friend to her gf she better watch her back. She needs to be at Eastern State. I have researched your claims a bit and I found only 1 story only slightly similar to yours of Tennessee. It doesn't mean they have any type of diplomatic immunity. Soar across pristine Kentucky mountain tops and experience Harlan County in a complete new perspective. London Topix/Craigslist replacement Amanda rader Anyone seen her around? Lebanon Topix/Craigslist replacement Debit card lost in the dollar store parking lot in lebanon, kentuckyIf anybody recently lost a debit card the debit card was turned into the store in lebanon, kentucky. Does she envy any tits that are older than her for being more petite than her? On Android devices there might be required an external app (loads to choose from on Google Play). We are So Happy for Y'all! .. Tire Dealers, Auto Repair & Service, Wheels (606) 664-3818 55 Legget St Wallins Creek 40873 Nothing is ever posted on here!! HARLAN COUNTY, KY (WOWK) - Kentucky State Police are searching for two men wanted for attempted murder. TOPIX, Craigslist Forums Alternative/replacement Harlan County, TOPIX, Craigslist Forums Alternative/replacement Kentucky, TOPIX, Craigslist Forums Alternative/replacement United States, Topix Forums, Craigslist Alternative/replacement. 10-15-84 Nickname: Black Bears. We hide them here too and even help them get to other countries safely and we get information from those we hide, it's thought much needed information about the people they stole from and how we can steal more to damage thier leaders financial supporters. I can't help myself. The post office was opened on February 9, 1855, and named for one of the area's pioneer families. Some say that's when Corbin Cops are doing dope. Don't give them an inch or they take over your whole County. School Events, Poke Sallet During a recent meeting, the Harlan County Fiscal Court discussed the costs of election equipment, including ballot printers and E-Poll books. Because many people visit, crime rates may appear higher even for safe parks. Officers arrested 41-year-old Jessica Creech of Harlan County and charged her with drug trafficking. Richmond Topix/Craigslist replacement Re: NastinessEl Pollo Esta Sucio. If judge will hold this lower class let one lie and make them sell their home and gloryland and they can play guilty make them go to pathways for 2 years what else would he do to put somebody in an institution he would do almost anything people need to call and say you know what their brain is for just as good as yours why'd you let him know to take their life and take their living away he called me alarm in court because he wanted to kill me I do process of the law judge and judge Davidson knocking me out of everything I wanted my father took me to my cousin's house and he said you go get a warrant on her and begged him and pleaded him with him before he died in the fall and he said please and he said that'll knock her out of everything she wants I know her like a book and she wants to date Marion have and you go do this and he'll knock her out of everything she wants in life but it wouldn't help his kids but him away for pointing guns to their head our grandmother would say it's just generous the way yeah to plum crazy we were plumb crazy because we're standing up and not taking the balloon no more his mom says we don't put up with b*** Mar family and then his mom said how's your mother doing in all this you know what they need to do they need to put her in her corner and saying look people don't like a gun pointed to their heads I need to put his wife and a corner and say people don't like and they don't like being cold a lot she got on the phone said do you realize this is perfect no they committed perjury to put me away I went to Gary Cohn and he said no criminal problems criminal problems in the Carter county Court try to put me away I'm going to spread it everywhere I go the way I was treated in the Carter county Court I wanted everywhere I don't want this Injustice to hinder prosecution go on no longer my brothers runs war just as good as anybody else's I don't know if we put the I don't know where he put the gun to his head didn't help cause the cyst and cause some sort of MRSA and cause my brother's brain tumor I have often prayed to the Jesus Christ the Lord that Smithfield would be haunted with a truck that had a movie on it of how he acted how my cousin had my poor little dead brother on the farm and showed exactly how he acted and everybody in Grayson Kentucky would be turned against him and won them out of the town instead of people wanting me because of Centralia they would be running for my cousin the stuff that he pulled and lost accused me up whoops I can't have nothing to do with you I fear what kind of stuff you'll pull on me take me to the Carter county Court call Miller his remarks are paybacks as hell if he does something to you and you tell on them people's going to say you don't tell nobody payback says hell they're tired of them run over people they're tired of the line on people and people need to call judge and say why won't you do something to him you said in court you believe the girl you can't put the girl away for telling a bunch of dirty lies but the girl can sue the Carter county court for all the years that you made her do with that making a living girl was told how how how communist Carter county Court West if we don't want you to date we don't have to they're using mental health as a scheme to to knock people out of their life and run over and as a way of asking to make a quote for Eastern make sure they're groom for Eastern I was threatened by a therapist if we don't want you to date we will put you away from me down she said I'll have the law come to your home and put you in people in Grayson Kentucky need to rally behind me and say this kind of abuse should not go on to make a quota for Easter the guy one boy a job in the kitchen at pathways I got promised the job only at only at the end they never would help me and my family got this to make the quote for Eastern State I don't know why people I don't know why pathways is doing this but they're making a quota for Eastern State and judge will win judge Stevens letting people lie to make a quote to win their name their background and who they are to make a quote so they can't get a job so so they got a mind up and groom for Eastern men are awesome prison that up because they're saying they're handing it down and not allowed to bury people need to say what you like this this communist way my grandmother was allowed to get on the phone and even violate my HIPAA rights and tell a bunch of lies and she said I never did like and I don't care what happens to you people need to call Mr Bill Coons and tell him would you like being called a liar and somebody threatened to shoot you in the head and you know what I need to be told her mom need to raise htwo the woman at the king Stars medical center smarter her mom put her up to but you know what the moment at King's daughter Teresa Hillman had such a temper she wouldn't like somebody putting a gun to her head want to eat a Napier and Grayson Kentucky who's coordinator of King's daughters would like a gun pointed to their head my brother didn't even want to go to the there needs to be a stop to this line in the Carter county Court to take people's privileges away and line them up for a grandpa they need to call Mr will will wouldn't say there needs to be changes made to the guardianship and that's still needs to be allowed to enter in a contract or relationship and drive to sustain a better life you all don't want because you want to make a quote for eastern states with awarded the state she will never be threatened with going to an institution or group home the way her cousin acted and if and you need to help her get it overturned since her cousin doesn't know how to tell the truth and the truth not even not to take the blunt and anyone who says it's her nerves she doesn't know how to tell the truth the truth is not in her the way she acts while tales plum crazy it's her mom the way she acts and it's her nerves Bible to say anything they're going to be in court for making ball statements to false in prison my uncle made remark that I picked on my cousin and I went on with Mama I had been trying since not to 99 to have him rap on me by The Carter county Court I got worked on a minute and I got my living taken away cuz pack ways did not do their job I want to spread all over the prostate area and it came out on July 3rd 2019 that's how good will win the Carter county Court scheme to put people with their going to break you and not taking it twice it's going to be how I don't know I don't have a family and I've got to be born into the point wasted Carter county Court wouldn't even give me my title to the devil wide for 15 years to force the sale of the home because they wanted us because we were such a liar trying to get something done Justice for how my cousin acted they were trying to force the salad people need to call the county attorney the holder a title I needed I could I honestly might have needed that title for something and wasn't allowed they were trying to force to sell them I feel that they need to replace my home since they held the double wide title up for 15 years and everybody needs to get behind me and Riley behind me the only way I got the title is the realtor said they got it at the clerk's office that is no way to treat people just just to force them out of a home but they purchased with their money we're all going to talk about how my cousin don't know how to tell the glory of the Lord people needs to call him and say her mother need to do whatever it took everybody it's Smithfield needs to turn against him and said we don't like people who lie lie and are this despicable me and no good and a horrible nasty person people made me out to be a r a horrible nasty person look who really was a horrible nasty person my cousin who lives on Stinson Haller everybody came to his rescue but no one needed no one everybody needs to call his brother and say are you this is what your brother calls we've got no use for people who lie in the Carter county it's not how they need to call his brother and say it's not how you will how you all were treated by those people like you told her around it's exactly how how the girl said it happened and you all lied and everybody is against you all because the way you let him lie you wouldn't even let that girl make a living her brother had to go work her his fine Days couldn't even walk over the threshold but but she couldn't get a job because people didn't want her to have didn't want her to have but we don't want it I wanted my home I wanted my living don't want it don't have to allow it that's what I was told by my public defender it had been handed down I got no legal bus I want to know why it was handed down because my cousin had something to hide my glory of the Lord how he acted and I wonder me but put me away people needs to band together and tell my cousin without no use for anybody that get their cousin out here and threaten to shoot them in the head everything you said about that girl judge will what needs to offer my job get pathways does and I took my brother to King's daughters medical center and Smithfield's got the records how many times I take it took him to the hospital you know what I looked at the doctor and I said it is a brain tumor she said no I walked out of the exam room with a tail between my legs I feel the King's daughters needs to offer me a job for nothing and it ended up me taking him to the hospital for a brain tumor on December 4th 2018 on his deathbed I want people to know how we were treated it probably wasn't handed down for the kid to get any medical treatment it wasn't handed down I want to know why it was done for us to have and your bite is decision and I told judge will when it didn't make good decisions because I'm standing up for Hammer cousin acted how my cousin and demanding something done people need to call Bob Miller and say would you like a gun pointed to your head and call the law and told it was your nerves he did that cuz he wanted to hurt my mother now her ass has been made out of Carter county Court when they said I believe you I can sue the Carter county court for falsely in prison in me they need to public apologize to me and never believe a word my cousin said and his birthday I didn't know you threatened you both are kids in the head and especially her brother no wonder they got some made people put their families away and knock them out of their home people I need to run our cousin by the head of the hair and they need to ask pathways to do their job my mother said even the car that I had purchased that they would make me sell it they made me feel every car I had and and make me walk my mom wanted me to keep some of the furniture I got little cars poked in my face that's all I was treated by the Mr will will hoop everybody said I deserve to lose everything I had to mean stencil no I didn't pull no means myI was treated like a dog by the Carter county court because I wanted Justice I had to leave in poverty and disparity because I wanted Justice people need to get it spread but if there's a pet in the Carter county Court they won't do anything but the judge and the county make some living poverty and disparity and then if the family dies they throw it up to him and use it against them to make the what they do they make them play guilty and say it's bizarre tales and then for family dies they make them they throw it up and threaten them that way and make them feel their property that's what they're doing in the Carter county Court they're forcing the sales of people home they're saying look she's got a reputation telling us and we'll make a war to the state ever and make your salad Mr will not be allowed in our town no more they're going to start standing up not a liar with anybody like a loaded gun pointed to their head and called a law a law it's your brain people in Smithfield needs to ride behind me and say he did one of our employees that would work against them and I need to spread it to everybody in the prostate area what he done and they need to we don't believe a word you got to say her mom need to write as many letters as it took to put you away what you did to them they need to call Mr Wilson Mr Rupert and say her mom need to do whatever it to rise many liters as it took to put them on they need to call Bob Miller need to do whatever it took to put them away and you lied to her mother and said you do everything you could help them you get everything you could and nobody's going to do anything against me I was told in the Carter county court I went for a simple will about my father the motioned me up and come up here and told me how I got no special needed it everybody needs to tell the Carter county Court I'll get special treatment my cousin and his family gets no special treatment my name on sick why did you lower that is just your nerves I got tired of everything being minors I got tired of my feelings being hurt that's what's wrong with me people has hurt my feelings for years they need to call Mr will will win and say are you proud of yourself making one making one seller home and putting her on the street making her so all over belongings to make a quote eastern state would you like a loaded gun pointed to your head and threatened about being made a warrior to say given no legal advice handed down by the Carter county court and you're dumb brother miss the case up on July 3rd when judge will be said I believe you that meant my cousin did it and Carter county court has no recourse that ever try to put me away you want nobody likes a loaded gun pointed her head judge Rupert will point one to put me away you know what they need to say they need to tell him all the ugly things a girl was saying were the truth too and they were gifts to try to try to help the case and try to help build a case of put him away we're in needs to be he didn't need to raise no children he need to raise him in the middle institution poverty and disparity and I'd like him and coach people wanting me out of Grayson Kentucky because it was known as such a liar the one that they need to avoid is my cousin permanently that's all it took to get the cat closer I didn't feed the dogs because I feared what she might go back and say people made of life and stuff out of me the laugh and stuff needs to be made out of my cousin they need to say we know exactly what he did to those people and it will not be tolerated no more I don't appreciate people lying I was told I couldn't say these ugly things I can say it because he did it and when the Carter county Court wouldn't allow me no no little bus they violated my constitutional rights they wouldn't let me prove how he acted I want to use it against me that I was a psychopathic cooler and get no any better to put me away from me for Eastern State they use lies at my father had told my mom and transcribe memory of what my dad told my mother because of Carter county Court wouldn't do much to my mom only put her in a group home only put her I did I call Miller cuz he knew how to hurt my mom not me out of my life not me out of my living and not me out of America and I feel that people needs to rally behind me and say judge will point there is going to be changes major her criminal background that you have to overturn because you allowed him to lie and you admitted it on July 3rd 2019 when you said I believe you're going to overturn it and you're going to send him a letter and say I've got to overturn because the petitioner of the warrant didn't know how to tell the truth and you're going to make people need to say you're going to make changes to the guardianship the only reason you want her to have a garden is it to control her a lot and make sure that she never gets married never dates and she's going to be allowed if you don't like it you couldn't keep it and she's going to be allowed to drive if you don't want her to drive you can pay for a chauffeur there's going to be changes in Carter county it ain't going to be your pets it's killed my family and now the longest over this month is over the words are thy shall not lie and if we ever find that you riding anyway what will do to you well it was found out on July 3rd and they will not even issue I want on perjury anybody got up on perjury in Carter county well you won't do nothing so and it was proven in Carter county Court I feel those convictions need to be over Becky Phillips told me when she was a lawyer that that the state teaches him how to lie to get a conviction and this should not be allowed the county attorneys teach them how to lie and said we know that they like their line but there's nothing we can do about it well we all know that he lied in the Carter county court and there's going to be something we do about it, Grayson Topix/Craigslist replacement Re: Sleaziest man in GraysonPeople need to get judged Rupert Wilfred out of the Carter county Court system he is allowing his pets to lie to put people at Eastern State to make a quota he someone in that courthouse is handing it down that the people get no legal advice he is allowing his pets to do whatever they want the people to make a quote Eastern State he's allowing his pets to threaten to shoot people and then it's bizarre tales to knock them out of her life lovelyhood married life and steal their property he's allowing people to false accuse everything's peoples nerves to put them away at Eastern State there is corruption in the Carter county Court put some people away the clerks in the office and offices are even telling them no special treatment through allowing them to lie every way to steal their property and and use it for Eastern State pathways ain't even turned abuse case in to make a quota I was told that they are told not to push some people and that means not turning in if they come to them with abuse to make a quote Eastern judge wilwood is allowing his face to bring their name character and their background to keep them from a job so he can line them up and groom for Eastern State he knows if he's got any common sense nobody would lie about someone threatening them with a loaded gun it's to make a quote for Eastern State. texas roadhouse fundraiser rolls directions,

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